Important morning lessons for busy mums and puppy owners.


-When you wake up in the morning, RUN with the puppy to take him outside, don’t wait. Don’t wait even a little, unless you want a puddle the size of a small lake in your bed.

-White bathroom rugs look almost exactly like puppy pads. And they are much squishier and nicer to use then puppy pads. Apparently.

-When puppies whine while you are doing something, don’t tell them off, chances are they are not being obnoxious and asking you to play, but perhaps they need an urgent poo….. if you don’t listen (and act), this may happen in your bedroom.

-When you are done cleaning up the rug, the bed, the kids cereal and so on, be careful with your blusher brush, it does NOT go in the eye, but on the cheeks.

-The bowl of white stuff next to the coffee is sugar. You use it. Lots of it. Don’t forget to put it and then take a big swig of coffee just before getting your shoes on, it will give you a rather bitter start to the day.

Have a great morning everyone! 🙂