I think I have finally done it! I got rid of the mummy tummy! Well, not completely, after all I have had two kids…

I don’t mind a bit of a tum, on myself or anyone else. After my son was born I lost 7kg the day he was born, in fact, when I delivered him I was my ideal non pregnant weight, so went back to my skeleton weight pretty much straight away (yup, I was faaaaar to thin, my whole life pretty much). Then when I was pregnant with A (Celiac kid) they medicated me for pregnancy sickness, I had dreadful hypermesis (the pregnancy sickness where you puke nonstop, like Kate had). The medication worked, but the medication combined with bed rest saw me put on a whooping 20kg. I basically put on the weight I should be carrying and also and extra 10kg. Breastfeeding heavily for ages took care of some, but then after A was diagnosed some more snook back on.

This is also the reason my GP thinks Im probably a closet Celiac, I never tested properly, my test was done when I was already gluten free and negative (obviously), the fact that my life long anaemia went after going gluten free together with feeling a ton better over all (and putting on weight) is a pretty good sign, but I never went back on gluten to check, it doesn’t matter, I will never eat it again anyway. 

Being a not hugely active family in Dubai (we stayed indoors a lot due to A’s illnesses and dust) the tummy kept growing. I was getting people asking me when the baby was due, congratulations left right and centre. I excused it all in a way, thought, heck, Ive had two kids, 2 major stomach surgeries etc, of course I will have a bit of a tummy…. Then I moved to Poland, and the 4 months pregnant looking tummy grew to 6 months pregnant looking tummy and seriously, enough is enough!

Ive been thinking about diets for a while. I already eat healthy, home made, FRESH food, mainly organic, hardly anything processed etc. I didn’t want to hard core diet, and no way can I fit in a huge amount of exercise in to my life right now either. So looking at existing diets that help people lose weight while still eating something that easily fits in to our life, It was between LCHF and PALEO in the end.

I chose LCHF and started on the 10th of June. Cutting sugar was a huge big deal for me, I was a 3 sugars in the coffee girl (and 2-3 coffees), and probably 2-3 cokes a day girl – silly I know as I know sugar is more fattening then fat, but hey ho. I am also a ‘full fat’ girl, never eaten a low fat thing in my life, why eat chemicals when you can eat the real thing?

Day three without sugar I could have murdered anyone in my path, I was so so miserable. Had a small portion of ice-cream with a ton of berries that evening, and I think also the evening after. Despite my ice cream I lost 2kg in the first 10 days!!!

A few days ago I joined an awesome LCHF group on Facebook, and they have all been awesome, I didn’t realise I wasn’t eating enough fat, all fixed now and cravings are getting better. I haven’t actually struggled at all, Im eating almost exactly like I did before (home cooked wholesome, GOOD food), just without carbs and sugar. Im not counting a thing, also stopped weighing myself after those first 2 kilos, because although my tummy is getting smaller by the day, the scale hasn’t really changed. Some would say Im actually not far from my ideal weight. I have no issue with it really, it was the tummy that needed to go!

Now I just need to convince the hubby, he is pregnant…. with TWINS!

More info about LCHF here


PS ; Who knows if I will continue, I feel good, Im happy, I have allowed myself a few small things not supposedly ‘in the diet’, Ice cream, fruit and so on (so on being half a bag of the kids m&m’s one evening, but please don’t tell anyone), but I still feel LCHF was the thing that fitted in best to my life and was the most similar to my beliefs. I am not saying anyone should go on LCHF -obviously- everyone needs to find a life style and diet that suits them 🙂

Shopping #glutenfree, then and now.

Yes I hash tagged the title. Is that bad? I guess Im lazy, now when I share it on twitter it will have the hashtag ready made! 😉


I talked about shopping before, shopping for food can become a huge part of a gluten free persons life. We are a family of 4 humans, 3 dogs and 1 bird, all who eat gluten free! Its my job to shop for us all.

The first shop after diagnosis is a far cry from how I shop now. Its a far cry from how I shopped a year ago, or even 2 years ago. We all eat wheat and gluten free. Yeah, wheat free and gluten free are not always the same thing although I really wish they were. many so called  gluten free items out there are a no go for us.

So how do I shop? How long does it take? How many shops do I need to go to?

At first Id go to 3-5 supermarkets a week, the shopping would take anything from 30 mins to 2-3 hours. I rarely take longer then 30 mins now, I don’t read labels much, partly because they are in polish and I cant, and partly because I have cut out most of the processed junk we are so used to eating. Cutting out the processed junk means I no longer need to go in most aisles!

I go in the fruit and veg section, the meat section and dairy section, I take a quick peek in the gluten free section, and occasionally buy something. My processed foods are few and far between, passata, non gmo european corn, tinned chickpeas, artisan gluten free sausages, organic muesli bars (gluten free obviously), rice cakes and a few other bits and bobs. I do this every 1-2 weeks. Then I do small top up runs in my local fruit and veg market and a meat top up dash when needed that takes a few minutes. I only buy fish frozen, as fresh is not that easy to get here.

Thats it, khalas, done!

Do I still obsessively go in shops to look what they have? Sure, do I try new gluten free things whenever I see them, NO! Why? Because I don’t really feel we are missing anything in our lives or pantry. I try new products only if its a product we need. I am such a saint. (Of course I haven’t mentioned the jelly beans and occasional marshmallows and chocolate that sometimes slips in, that would make me sound far less healthy and saintly, but hey, this saint is human, and sweets don’t count, as long as you only eat them on Saturdays…right? 😀 )

If someone had come along 3 years ago and tried to teach me to shop how I shop now, I am not sure how I would have taken it, things were still so new, maybe I needed to go through that fase of trying everything to really figure out we didn’t need it, maybe I would have embraced the knowledge and saved a lot of time, not to mention money!

I have learned so much about gluten and pesticides and CRAP in our foods in the last few years, that even if Celiac was cured tomorrow, no WAY would we go back to eating how we used to. I have always loved cooking, always liked and preferred to make things from scratch rather then a packet, my ingredients though have changed so much.

I would love to hear how your shopping habits have changed and if there is any advice you wish someone had given you at the beginning? Or do we need to learn it by living it?


(I share a ton of rantings and food tips on facebook, join us!)


Celiac Awareness doesn’t end with May.


So, Celiac Awareness Month is over. But for some, for us, the need for awareness never ends. For us, Celiac disease is very real, we live it, daily. For us, the need for safe gluten free foods is a huge big deal. For us, the need to educate about safe gluten free foods doesn’t end when May does. With so many people ‘jumping on the bandwagon’, with so many people believing gluten free is a fad, with so many establishments preparing gluten free foods that aren’t really gluten free, the need for awareness is on going, every day, 365 days a year.

I want to say a big thanks to a couple of the ladies in my bloggers group who wrote about Celiac during May, Lois, from a Polish Housewife – post here – and Brooke from and two makes crazy – post here – Thank you both so much.

I also want to thank all those who spent the month liking and retweeting tons of my stuff on twitter, Im there as Linda_FB , find me 🙂

So I will keep spreading awareness in any way I can, and next May I will ask for all all your help again.



We have the muppets.

Sometimes I think to myself, if I wrote about ALL the stuff that happens in our life, people would think I made it up. So I wasnt going to write about the last few days, but I will anyway. Because Im laughing now, and its funny in a comedy movie sort of way. Short version.

Thursday afternoon going home from school A (Celiac kid) says her cheek hurts ALOT. I think maybe she has a small sore in her mouth, maybe she got contaminated. With clean hands I check the inside of her cheek. Nothing there.

Fast forward to two hours later, I’m lying on the sofa playing some game on my iPad, kids are watching TV. I turn around to look at A who is whinging about her cheek and I literally FLY up and in to action. Her cheek, on the side, slightly below the ear, has swelled up to golf ball size! All Im thinking is airway! What if the swelling is inside too! Call our doctor who says she cant see us straight away but to take her to the emergency room. We already had shoes on! GO! Mad drive through the city. Get to emergency room. 2 doctors and 4 nurses then spend ten minutes arguing about how to do our paperwork, kids are Polish, but have no pesel numbers (long story). Im thrusting my credit card at them saying it doesnt matter we arent asking for free care, we will PAY, just please LOOK at her. Finally another doctor looks at A while the others argue with her that its against the RULES (people in Poland are very concerned about rules and the right way to do things – at times, its infuriating – because while they all argued, A had swelled up further). She reassures me there is no threat to the airway, but because we are paying we must go to another part of the hospital. Off we go, its far enough that we need to drive around.

We get to the gate I think we are meant to go in, and the man speaks no English, I refuse, REFUSE to give up, so I shout at him in English, Im tired of being ignored (in general, not by this man), its a hospital, my kid needs to be seen and I cant understand you and LET ME IN GODDAMMIT! Barrier opens. Jenki bardzo! (later I realise we actually parked in the doctors only parking, poor guy, but at least shouting in english sometimes works. I need to send the poor guy flowers or something, I thought he was just being difficult because I was speaking english – oops!)

In this part (of the hospital) we are helped instantly. The hospital is huge, clean and very empty. A doctor and a med student see us. After a while the Dr calls for all the english speaking med students to join. Story of our lives, A is an interesting case, but hey, the more the merrier 🙂

The doctor is very concerned that it looks like mumps, and although A has been vaccinated we are at that point again where we wonder, does A’s immune system know she has been vaccinated? I call my husband, tell him it may be mumps, he’s like a gigantic question mark, SWINKA I say. Because Im getting really good at Polish disease names and hospital lingo.

Because its suspected mumps we need to go to another hospital. Some infectious disease place. The couple behind us warns me in english the place looks awful and not to be frightened, its not as bad as it looks. I think in my head it must be like the Poznan place and smile and say thank you.

GPS and me and kids drive to the other hospital. Well. GPS takes me to allotments in the middle of nowhere, I reverse, go around. Search. Eventually hubby has to help by phone, him and his Polish friends all get involved. We need to go to opposite the graveyard! but opposite the graveyard there is something that looks like an old deserted asylum, the kind of place horror movies are made in, you go in…. but NEVER come out….. I drive around, many times. I find a door, hubby says, ‘Go in and ask’. I sit, in my car, thinking NO WAY. Im laughing pretty much the whole time, I actually started laughing already in the first hospital, because these things, they only happen to us.

I take photos, because Im thinking no one will believe me. They are all iPhone photos, not great quality, but I have to share them…..


So, hubby calls them, and they explain exactly in which part of this huge complex they are. By this time its getting dark, and the feeling that Im in a scary movie is hard to shake off.

I park, away from walls and shadows, haha! And walk towards the building. A nurse nods and smiles and points to some chairs under a tree. Wait there she says. Im not kidding. Under a tree.


Part of me now thinks Im in some joke show, you know where they pull a prank on you and someone will jump out in a minute and explain its just a joke.  That doesn’t happen. Instead a dr. opens the door and lets us in. She doesn’t look like someone from a joke show OR a scary movie, she speaks english and she’s lovely. She examines A and says no tests needed. She believes its an infection of the salivary gland and not mumps. She goes to type some forms for us and I cant help it, I have to snap some more photos, because  feel like Im in a time warp of some kind and Im in the wrong decade… possibly even century!

I get my paperwork and get in the car. My phone beeps and I look, its from hubby. ‘So, is it muppets?’.


A note, I have now been to 5 different hospitals in Poland and although two of them were extremely old buildings the staff have all been great. Most medical facilities in Poland look nothing like the one above so don’t let this post put you off.