Dubai is our wonderful adopted home. I moved here in January 2006 after having spent just over a decade in the UK. Originally I am from Sweden. My husband is Polish, born in Russia. Our children were both born here in the UAE. Ask them where they are from and you will get a giggle, then they will tell you they are from Dubai, sometimes they will giggle and look at mummy, and at other times they will excitedly tell you where their parents are from. They don’t belong to those places, nor do they feel like they come from them, we call them our passport countries, and at the moment, our children have never been to their passport countries!

Home is where the heart is, home is where you choose to have it. And we have chosen Dubai.

Dubai is a wonderful city to live in, there is so much to see and do. With Celiac kid often very very sick we don’t necessarily do so much of the seeing things, but we do wake up to a clear blue sky every morning, that has to be worth something. Certainly makes me happy.

While Dubai is a wonderful city to live in, being gluten free here may be a little bit harder then other places, but Im sure its also easier then some other places too, so as long as you are prepared you will be fine.

If you are considering visiting the UAE and you are gluten free then do go and read Information for visitors over on Gluten Free UAE. It will certainly help.


Edit: I left Dubai in October 2013, not sure if its for good or not. Half my heart will always be in Dubai. 

1 thought on “Dubai

  1. Yes, its really harder to live here with gluten free disorders. I would like to ask you if you could recommend me a good gastro doctor to go to , as I need some control and advise. Thanks a lot

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