Poland, our home since October 2013. We spent the first few months in Poznan, then moved down to Wroclaw (to many reasons to list). Do I love Poland? No. I love Dubai. But living in Poland is good, the air is relatively clean, nature is green and on our doorstep, although I miss having the ocean nearby there are many lakes and rivers.

Its nice for our TKC’s (third culture kids) to finally spend some proper time in one of their parents birth countries. I cant say ‘home’ really, because our birth countries haven’t been home for either me or my husband for a very long time.

For how to eat gluten free in Poland, check out my post Gluten free in Poland.

I feel our time in Poland has been crazy so far, very rushed with the moving and so on, its only just now that I am starting to settle down and discover more. Perhaps soon I will update you all a bit more about Poland.

4 thoughts on “Poland

  1. Considering what a move to Wroclaw from the US would be like. I am gluten free, actually Paleo. Are shops available with such products? Also, I see you are an involuntary homeschooler. Our son is 16, two more years of secondary school remain. English speaking schools appear to be much too expensive to even consider. He has a talent for languages, so I’m sure he would pick up the Polish language quickly. Are public schools accommodating to English speakers or is home schooling the best option? There was a time when my husband and I would gladly pick up and move and think later, now it’s much more complicated!

    • We have been in Wroclaw for over a year now, we are glutenfree, eggfree and now cornfree, and we manage to eat well, all the bigger chains have a glutenfree section, in some shops its huge, in others, not so great. Then there are the specialist shops in most malls where you can pick up more things. Food should not be an issue once you learn where to shop 🙂 As for schooling, putting a 16 year old in the Polish system would – in my opinion – be a disaster, unless he already knew polish. polish is so very very difficult. But if you didnt want one of the international schools then there are also 2 bilingual schools, these are much more affordable. The school fees in Poland are competitive, really not that expensive for international schooling, although expensive for polish people yes, absolutely! If you come on an expat contract you should ask that your company pays your school fees. Good luck 🙂

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