I think I have finally done it! I got rid of the mummy tummy! Well, not completely, after all I have had two kids…

I don’t mind a bit of a tum, on myself or anyone else. After my son was born I lost 7kg the day he was born, in fact, when I delivered him I was my ideal non pregnant weight, so went back to my skeleton weight pretty much straight away (yup, I was faaaaar to thin, my whole life pretty much). Then when I was pregnant with A (Celiac kid) they medicated me for pregnancy sickness, I had dreadful hypermesis (the pregnancy sickness where you puke nonstop, like Kate had). The medication worked, but the medication combined with bed rest saw me put on a whooping 20kg. I basically put on the weight I should be carrying and also and extra 10kg. Breastfeeding heavily for ages took care of some, but then after A was diagnosed some more snook back on.

This is also the reason my GP thinks Im probably a closet Celiac, I never tested properly, my test was done when I was already gluten free and negative (obviously), the fact that my life long anaemia went after going gluten free together with feeling a ton better over all (and putting on weight) is a pretty good sign, but I never went back on gluten to check, it doesn’t matter, I will never eat it again anyway. 

Being a not hugely active family in Dubai (we stayed indoors a lot due to A’s illnesses and dust) the tummy kept growing. I was getting people asking me when the baby was due, congratulations left right and centre. I excused it all in a way, thought, heck, Ive had two kids, 2 major stomach surgeries etc, of course I will have a bit of a tummy…. Then I moved to Poland, and the 4 months pregnant looking tummy grew to 6 months pregnant looking tummy and seriously, enough is enough!

Ive been thinking about diets for a while. I already eat healthy, home made, FRESH food, mainly organic, hardly anything processed etc. I didn’t want to hard core diet, and no way can I fit in a huge amount of exercise in to my life right now either. So looking at existing diets that help people lose weight while still eating something that easily fits in to our life, It was between LCHF and PALEO in the end.

I chose LCHF and started on the 10th of June. Cutting sugar was a huge big deal for me, I was a 3 sugars in the coffee girl (and 2-3 coffees), and probably 2-3 cokes a day girl – silly I know as I know sugar is more fattening then fat, but hey ho. I am also a ‘full fat’ girl, never eaten a low fat thing in my life, why eat chemicals when you can eat the real thing?

Day three without sugar I could have murdered anyone in my path, I was so so miserable. Had a small portion of ice-cream with a ton of berries that evening, and I think also the evening after. Despite my ice cream I lost 2kg in the first 10 days!!!

A few days ago I joined an awesome LCHF group on Facebook, and they have all been awesome, I didn’t realise I wasn’t eating enough fat, all fixed now and cravings are getting better. I haven’t actually struggled at all, Im eating almost exactly like I did before (home cooked wholesome, GOOD food), just without carbs and sugar. Im not counting a thing, also stopped weighing myself after those first 2 kilos, because although my tummy is getting smaller by the day, the scale hasn’t really changed. Some would say Im actually not far from my ideal weight. I have no issue with it really, it was the tummy that needed to go!

Now I just need to convince the hubby, he is pregnant…. with TWINS!

More info about LCHF here


PS ; Who knows if I will continue, I feel good, Im happy, I have allowed myself a few small things not supposedly ‘in the diet’, Ice cream, fruit and so on (so on being half a bag of the kids m&m’s one evening, but please don’t tell anyone), but I still feel LCHF was the thing that fitted in best to my life and was the most similar to my beliefs. I am not saying anyone should go on LCHF -obviously- everyone needs to find a life style and diet that suits them 🙂

2 thoughts on “BYE BYE MUMMY TUMMY!!!

  1. You are right! The only plan that works is one you can stay with… My philosophy is that good nutrition is what you do MOST of the time. Everyone slips up now and again… the important thing is to keep chipping away.. Congratulations on your tum reduction!

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