Celiac Awareness doesn’t end with May.


So, Celiac Awareness Month is over. But for some, for us, the need for awareness never ends. For us, Celiac disease is very real, we live it, daily. For us, the need for safe gluten free foods is a huge big deal. For us, the need to educate about safe gluten free foods doesn’t end when May does. With so many people ‘jumping on the bandwagon’, with so many people believing gluten free is a fad, with so many establishments preparing gluten free foods that aren’t really gluten free, the need for awareness is on going, every day, 365 days a year.

I want to say a big thanks to a couple of the ladies in my bloggers group who wrote about Celiac during May, Lois, from a Polish Housewife – post here – and Brooke from and two makes crazy – post here – Thank you both so much.

I also want to thank all those who spent the month liking and retweeting tons of my stuff on twitter, Im there as Linda_FB , find me 🙂

So I will keep spreading awareness in any way I can, and next May I will ask for all all your help again.



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