Having to eat gluten…..


So my son is the only one in my family who was never tested for celiac. We were given some pretty bad advice when Celiac kid was first diagnosed and told that it was highly unlikely to have a second child with Celiac. This is obviously not true. If Celiac is in the family there is a 20% chance (or more) of first degree relatives also having it.

Hubby tested positive, I tested negative but had already been gluten free for some time (and I have pretty obvious reactions to gluten should I try to eat some now), so of course my son needs to be tested! Only, in order to do the test you need to be eating a normal gluten containing diet. By the time we realised son should be tested our house was already totally gluten free. Eating gluten at a friends house once a week is not enough for the test results to be accurate.

We tried a few times to do the gluten challenge, but it just didn’t work and we gave up on the second or third day every time. Now here in Poland he has been eating school lunches provided at school instead of a packed lunch. Its probably not been as high in gluten as he needs but he’s been going for over 2 months (a gluten challenge / gluten force is usually recommended to be 6-8 weeks).

So today is the day, after school off we go for that needle prick! Son himself is convinced he has “it”. I don’t think he does, but I have noticed he has been more restless and very forgetful (more then usual) during his challenge. Says a lot about the gluten / brain connection. Perhaps brain fog is not just something that affects celiacs? I sure as hell cant wait to get him back on my food, and neither can he!

I know many kids with autism, ADD or ADHD do tons better without gluten in their diet. Maybe we would all be better off without gluten? I sure think so.

If it turns out son has celiac then I guess in his case its pretty silent, so wont really make much difference to his life as it is now. I obviously hope he doesn’t have it, but either way it doesn’t really matter. Then its only my genetic test to go! 3 years now Ive had the sample pot and not done it. Im too chicken! Although my Dr is convinced I am a closet celiac and Im pretty sure I have the gene, its almost to final to actually get it on black and white! Some celiac campaigner I am huh? 😛

Son first then me. Nag me, ok?