Not going to “normal school”

Im so tired of all the “knowitalls” and having to defend our daughter not going to school. Its like they think we are keeping her home willy nilly for FUN just because we feel like it.

“She wont thank you for it”, “She needs to be with her friends or she will be socially awkward”, “its not good for them to be home”. The worst ones are the swedes (no offence meant, remember, I am a Swede), because homeschooling is not legal in Sweden they all seem to think of it as something worse then witchcraft and I am obviously damaging my child by not letting her go to school. What the doctors say doesn’t matter. Clearly.

Strange how as an adult its ok to not work and to be long term ill or signed off as disabled, but a child must go to school or you are ruining them for life. I have two words for them all. FUCK OFF. You know nothing. You don’t know us, you don’t know the struggles we face or have faced, you don’t know that your child’s sniffle could mean a lengthy hospital stay for us. You don’t know the amount of thinking, anguish and tears that have gone in to this decision, a decision which was finally taken away from us when the doctors put their foot down and said NO MORE!

We, as a family are having to come to terms with our daughter, our child, possibly never being able to attend what you call “normal” schooling. Nothing you say is news to us. We have taken it all in to consideration. We know how damaging it may be, we know. We have also done our research and we also know that most homeschooled kids are well adjusted awesome human beings. A high school teacher friend of mine said she has never met a previously homeschooled kid who was socially awkward or not up to speed academically.

We are not hippies who don’t believe in education. We are not weirdos who think the system is faulty. We are not deeply religious people who pray all day (maybe we should – perhaps it would help!). We don’t feel the need to carry a sign signed by our doctors (our team of doctors I may add) saying “She is to ILL for school”. We don’t owe you or the world anything. The minute you say you homeschool every Tom, Dick and Harry (and their cousins uncles neighbour) has to have an opinion? I mean seriously? GO AWAY!

Our 6 year old is a well adjusted, friendly, polite, non awkward life and soul of any party. We do not need your advice. Thank you.

Phew. Needed that vent.

And I said the F word. Bite me.



3 thoughts on “Not going to “normal school”

  1. we also home school our daughter because of her EDS and POTS. it has been a much better plan. she was unable to focus in school as a result of being up all night and passing out at school. medically she is under much less stress. we are very pleased so far. my opinion of the academics is coming from my education background and find most of it useless and or irrelevant. we have enrolled her in a class at the community college at a time that suits her and fulfils her social level. best of luck to you and the he’ll with the naysayers

    • Thank you, we have a tutor that helps who says she is right on target so Im not worried at this point at all. Health is our number one priority. 🙂

  2. I won’t put Max in Polish preschool because it is so relaxed and I’m afraid they’ll feed him a peanut — and people here can’t believe my 3-yr-old is NOT in preschool all the live-long day. 3. So I can’t imagine what next year will be like when he’s 4 and still at home ;). I even told one woman I may not send him until 1st class—I thought she was going to die. So I imagine the grief you receive. Keep on keeping on!

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