When the going gets tough….

Life is a bit like Facebook in a way. When you write happy cheerful cute kitten style things you get lots of likes (support), but when shit hits the fan and you post depressing things there is little to no reaction.

Not complaining, just an observation really. Over the last couple of months of depressing crappy crap in our life, my Facebook page has lost tons of followers. (Ok, not tons, but a few). Much the same in real life. Some people cant handle tough times. And Im not a complainer at all, not even a little. In face to face meetings with people I am always smiling, laughing, brushing it off, trying to make it sound better then it is, because who wants to hang out with a complainer really? On the blog’s facebook page I tend to not post if I cant keep it somewhat happy, but my blog, surely here I must be able to say it like it is? I will, I will continue too. Yes, I will also continue to go quiet when its all to bloody depressing to just keep repeating the same stuff, but when I DO post, Im sorry, Im not going to cover up the truth or play make believe.

I keep thinking that maybe my posts might help someone somewhere?

In the hospital the other day there was a mum, with 2 teenage boys with CF. I just wanted to hug her, because no matter what I am going through, no matter what my family is going through, my life is probably a walk in the park compared to that mum’s.

Anyway, here is a kitten. Feel free to unfollow my blog or Facebook at any time, I get it, really I do.  I have a friend who only posts on facebook to complain, every bloody day. It gets annoying you know…. I am sorry that sometimes I am that person too.



2 thoughts on “When the going gets tough….

  1. Linda, I read your earlier post this morning and was going to send a reply but it is sometimes difficult to know what to say without it seeming like platitudes. On your post which used the F word (which I love using as sometimes it is the only word that will do!!) and talks about home schooling I wanted to say that although you may feel helpless you are actually doing something. You can tell in that post that your brain has already started to come up with ideas of how you will deal with it. We had a teenage party here last night and with all the detritus of that I just didn’t have the 10 minutes to type – I’m sorry, I wish I had.
    As for looking at the mum with boys who have CF and thinking your life is a walk in the park – I try to do that as my son only has CD and I have a god son with CF so know just what life is like for him – BUT while it may be a walk in the park, it’s still a shitty park and a shitty walk! You really will be helping some people and even if you weren’t, then if writing your blog helps you then nothing else matters.
    You are taking your gorgeous girl out of school and times are going to be really tough, but you will do it! My beautiful boy was 16 yesterday adn i would love to turn the clock back a few years and spend 2 whole years with him. I hate school, I always have, ever since his first day, I felt like it took him away from me! Enjoy the time you’ll get to spend together.
    Big hugs
    Mrs B (https://toocoolforglutenblog.wordpress.com/home/)

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