Who needs an oven? Cake in 5 minutes!

There I was stressing about the cake, ran around several shops yesterday morning to try to get a whisk, a mini chopper, essentials you know. But in the end, the cake became a trusted old ice cream cake made with nothing other then a spoon and a hand whisk using 2 ingredients! Sure, it may not have been super stunning (although the kids thought it was) but it sure was super delicious!

So heres a recipe for you. You need;

  • 1 tub of ice cream (I used chocolate chip)
  • whipping cream
  • decorations

You need to;

  • Spoon ice cream on to a plate or tray, you have to work fast so it doesn’t melt to much. Mould it in to some kind of shape. I wanted round so round it was.
  • Carefully spread your whipped cream on top, and cover the whole thing. If you know how to make it pretty, by all means, go ahead 😉
  • Decorate with berries or sweets or even gluten free Oreos!

Pop the ‘cake’ in the freezer for at least 10 minutes to harden a little. Don’t go crazy or the cream gets very hard.



Another birthday taken care of, who needs super pretty when its super yum?


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