Those spoons

I read the spoon theory back in October, it was such an eye opener and it made so much sense. It described our girl exactly and it made me feel like the rest days were REST days instead of lazy days. My husband read it also, and he was like BINGO! We now have a language in which to speak in in terms of illness! When he calls and asks about our day I dont have to go in to long explanations, I can just say, “she ran out of spoons and she’s resting”. It makes perfect sense to him, and to other spoonies around us.

Our family is a true spoonie family and we have been for years, we just didnt know it yet! Knowing now that we need to pace and save spoons has made our lives alot easier. Ofcourse Aili has no idea what Im talking about when I ask her if she ran out of spoons, she also has no idea why we have a big picture of spoons on the wall. If you are confused by my references to spoons you need to read the spoon theory too 🙂

The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino

(Just realised my kids must think Im a lunatic, spoons and zebras, mummy clearly lost it!)


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