Then September came…..

September. The month when school starts, the mad rush to get clothes ready books labelled, running around, signing up for activities and….. for us….. pneumonia.

You know that Facebook looking back in time thingy..? In September mine has been filled with memories of Septembers gone, pneumonias. Lots of them with accompanying hospital stays. Hospital stays in Dubai and here in Poland.

So school started, big brother started school. Big brother got a cold. Little sister got a cold, and before we knew it, the pneumonia was a fact. Low oxygen levels, not super low, but low enough….. We did it at home with a supportive dr. and a mummy who knows her stuff. God Im tired.

Hubby is here. We have requested oxygen at home. Its September, a pneumonia already…. we are in for a long winter. Like every winter. Enough is enough. Let us treat her at home.

A year or so ago a dr. mentioned briefly to me that we may be prime candidates for oxygen at home, my thoughts then, NO, WE ARE NOT THAT FAMILY. My thoughts now….? WE ARE THAT FAMILY, GIVE US THE FUCKING OXYGEN!!

I kept her at home this time, through oxygen levels that should have been treated. But how can we put her in hospital every bloody time when they cant keep her safe there? When she cant eat there and when she is exposed to a gazillion germs? When she is so so frightened and agitated. When it puts all our lives on hold and makes everything so so much worse.

Its ok, we will be that family that has oxygen in the home, I really don’t care or mind, we are that family. Just give us the oxygen, please!

This is when I start telling you all how tired I am, but thats like a theme that runs through the entire blog, so let me leave it out this time.

I will say though – before anyone jumps on me – that kiddo was safe. Should be treated yes, but safe. I was in touch with a dr. the entire time and I have monitors at home. Just need the actual oxygen. No jumping please.


Oh sheesh, just read through and I mentioned tired, twice. See how tired I am? lol 😛

2 thoughts on “Then September came…..

  1. Wow what a fab mummy you are, I had to fight for my son different reasons altogether but lots of tears and lack of sleep. I think I’ve finally got there after nearly 14 years and it so worth it, I’m starting with my daughters now but know that every grey hair, bags under the eyes that you could put a years worth of shopping and line on my face was oh so worth it. You go girl your doing a fab job, I hope she’s better soon xxx

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