Luckiest girl in the world. 

Sitting in school right now, and I feel so incredibly lucky and fortunate. Its good to have that feeling back. We just moved in to our new house and its totally awesome. Celiac kid just started her one on one tutoring in school this week. This means she will outschool / homeschool but school will handle her maths and english and art leaving me to stress ALOT less!

They have been so so awesome and from day one (over a year ago) they have agreed to everything I asked for, changes have been made to classrooms to keep them gluten free and teachers have been there with me keeping me informed every step of the way.

I think at times I go on so much about the food policies people may think I (we) dont have a supportive school. I DO have a supportive school, they are 110% there for us as a family, the school councilor and the teachers give my son extra support when he needs it and my input in to what is safe is always asked for. FABAROONY! Always. Everyone from the admin staff to the principal have been amazing.

Celiac kids teacher is everything we could have possibly asked for and then some! I cant ever thank her enough for how incredibly included she has made A feel, even at those times that she has been different.

But we must remember all the kids who are not so lucky, the food policies that I believe should be in ALL schools in all countries are more for them then us. Not all mums have the time or energy to spend on school matters that I do. With food policies in place many issues in many places would not be issues at all.

Today I focus on the good and the good only, and in 15 minutes me and celiac kid go home to unpack some more boxes while she chit chats about her 1 hour lesson. Its like we have our life back! I am so so grateful.

 And thanks Mr.  K too 😉


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