Catching cold in Poland (totally = death)

96-flower_slippersYes, its true. Ask any Babcia! If you forget to wear slippers in winter or socks in summer on the floors, then you will surely catch pneumonia pretty much instantly. If your child does not wear his or her jumper you are a very very bad parent. Its true. Really.

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell a babcia (a grandma / older lady) that pneumonia or a sniffle is caused by viruses or bacteria, they know better you see, and the answer to all evils is to wear slippers at all times.

I think these babcias would have a heart attack and die on the spot if they knew that we in Sweden allow babies to sleep outdoors all year round. We also sleep with windows open and often leave windows open in such a way as to create a draft. Yup, even in winter. Air you see is good for you. In Sweden at least. In Poland a draft can result in imminent death almost as fast as not wearing slippers. (Read about the killer draft here on my friends blog)

Its not only babcias, also well meaning aunties, random strangers, and believe it or not, doctors! One would think that slippers is the answer to the entire worlds problems. Perhaps if we all wore slippers we could close down 50% of hospitals…. at least!

I have had well meaning stranger babcias stop me in the street to tell me to put more clothes on my kids. NO JOKE. The more polite ones just tut and shake their heads while giving me one of those babcia looks.

Now, lets not even start on the cold milk in the cereal in the morning…… (instant killer)


4 thoughts on “Catching cold in Poland (totally = death)

  1. Hi Linda, nice
    I am Italian and we also have that strange thing about deathly draft myth 🙂 who knows why..

    But I don’t get the “sleeping with windows open in winter”-thing (and also babies sleeping outdoors), what is it good for? Isn’t it just colder? 🙂

    • Haha, I really dont know, its supposed to be good for the lungs and immune system, but I guess that might be as true as the draft and slippers thing 😉

  2. rich literally had one babcia stop him going to the tram with our daughter and try to dress her. he told her his daughter was JUST FINE! i don’t get random touching of stranger’s children just because you think they need to wear an extra layer??? hands off our kids! 😉

    • thats hilarious though! This babcia really must have thought your girl was in absolute danger with such a careless father 😉 Im practising my evil look to ward them off!

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