Winter is doing my head in.

Enough now I think. Its grey, it drizzles, its wet, cold, dirty, yukky and dark. Snow, I love, but so far we have had 4 snow days only! The rest has been as described. Im remembering why I left Europe for sunny Dubai, I miss my blue skies every morning, it just makes it so much easier to get out of bed. And you know, when you are stressed about something or something not so great happens, SUN just makes it so much easier to deal with. Instead, I find myself compensating with chocolate. And I don’t even like chocolate. And Im sitting here sulking because I wanted to have a spicy risotto tonight, but Im out of parmesan, and Im already in pyjama pants, and there is no honky shop! Agggggh.

Whine of the day over. I will write you all a proper post soon. Promise 😉

Btw, if you ever find yourself in Poland, then this super yummy chocolate is both cheap and glutenfree 🙂



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