A slight dilemma, to interfere or save, that is the #Celiac question.

The dilemma; If a child in your sons/daughters class had a very very swollen tummy (every time you see him/her) along with very skinny arms and legs, would you say something to the parents, ask questions or just leave it be? 

I would be really interested in views on how to handle this tactfully and politely. I have already acted and I keep thinking about it, wondering if I could have done it better or if I should have stayed out of it. Im also not sure if I did enough, and may decide to do more (good or bad, depends on how you see it). I think for us, if someone had gotten involved and asked / told / interfered / advised it could have saved us a lot of heartache. So many have never heard of Celiac. What is your view?




3 thoughts on “A slight dilemma, to interfere or save, that is the #Celiac question.

  1. Hmm…..that’s a tough one. I guess it would depend on how well I knew the family? If I don’t know them that well, I might try to start up a conversation, talk about the kids and maybe (in your case) how you’ve been adjusting to the new country and finding gluten-free food, etc. If they’re receptive, then start in on how you found out about Celiac and the possible signs to watch for, etc., without specifically pointing out their child. Hopefully, they will make the correlation. If you know them better, you might feel out if their child has any other signs/symptoms other than what you can see yourself. Then talk to the parents about your concerns. Don’t know if that was helpful, but I’m glad you care enough to make the effort with them!

  2. I think it would depend on how close my child was to this child and how closely I knew the parent. Now, if I were really passionate about it, but didn’t want to say anything, I might write a note and have the teacher deliver it.

  3. …even without knowing the specific child/parent, I would come up to them, and with sympathy I would try referring my experience with my own child to their own, that could be suffering from the condition, either knowingly or not… Something, along the lines- with a smile, and sincere interest: “Oh, how much your son/daughter (child’s name, even better) reminds me of Aili’s look, before we knew about Celiac… What a relief it is…”, and continue YOUR STORY ONLY, mentioning the food you need to avoid, the possible consequences, if you didn’t, giving a chance for them to comment and/or to ask you questions… See what happens, and let me know, please, when you succeed, and if there will be any follow-up…;-) P.S. The note suggestion (including the details of Celiac and your own experience) I do find a great one, especially if the conversation wouldn’t work, since I am more than sure they would read a letter directed to them, especially when their child’s well-being and quality of life is at stake… 😉

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