Wash your hands!! (Please!)

I have a gluten free home. And its REALLY gluten free. Every soap, every beauty product, every cleaning product and obviously all the food has been checked. It is 100% gluten free. But keeping it that way is not an easy task. When people arrive it can be hard to find a way to politely tell them to wash their hands without offending. Of course old friends know and go and wash as soon as they arrive, but I always struggle telling new people. Even worse, when they arrive with kids and one of them has a biscuit in their hand! I thought about this a lot lately, especially now that I’m moving to a new country and everyone I meet will be a potential new friend. I don’t want to offend anyone the first thing I do! So, I came up with a brilliant idea (if I can say so myself), SIGNS! Of course signs will do the trick, you know the kind, Home sweet home somewhere in the hall way, only, mine will look a little different! What do you think? I will have to work on the Polish version, and get some nice white frames.



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