My first blog post in this space!

Yay! I am so exited, a little bit like a big child. I always get exited when I talk about gluten too, and I want to talk about it more, and now that people listen, wouldn’t it be such a WASTE not to talk? 🙂 So talk I will. But first things first, I will be transferring some of my other work from Gluten Free UAE to here, sorry to those who will have seen it before, new things will come.

I also want to say thanks to my friend Helen from Shippey Photography, while I love to talk, Im not always so great at finding pictures to suit the topic, I often forget to take a photo at all, and I don’t like using images I find online, doesn’t feel right. So some of the images you find in my posts will be Helen’s. She may not know a lot about gluten, but she sure knows about photography! If you live in Dubai and want to do a photo session, check her out! Shippey Photography.


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